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About Us

The Trinity Plus Foundation proudly sponsors the Carolina Lynx Girls Basketball programs for young ladies ages 7 to 17.  We offer skill developmental programs for students in grades kindergarten to 5th grade and elite competitive teams for students in 7th through 12th grades.


Carolina Lynx Girls Basketball Program is very passionate about our student athlete. We provide Academic Mentors to assist with the educational intervention support system for our student athletes. This support includes monitoring their individual academic progress reports and providing resources to assist with the EOG, EOC, and SAT testing.  Also, we assist college coaches with identification and recruitment of our potential student athletes at the Division I, II, and III collegiate level. 

Our CL Coaching Staff will: 

 -Teach fundamental basketball skills

- Improve player ability 
- Develop agility/speed training 
- Improve strength training 
- Provide educational support 
- Build character and increase self confidence 
- Organize community service projects 


Mission Statement 

“Our goal is to teach, develop, and mentor young female athletes with strong character. The Carolina Lynx Girls Basketball Program is dedicated to provide opportunities to enhance the abilities of the players of all levels and develop their physical, mental, and social skills.” 

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